Denmark’s trade balance within knowledge

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For a small open economy like the Danish one, international knowledge exchange is crucial for growth and prosperity. Based on a number of statistical indicators for knowledge exchange, this analysis sheds light on Denmark’s participation in the global knowledge society. … Read more

Socio-economic effects of a Danish enhanced R&D tax allowance

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This analysis examines the socio-economic effects of introducing an enhanced R&D tax allowance of 130% for companies in Denmark. The rationale for an enhanced R&D tax allowance is that the knowledge generated by companies’ R&D activities will eventually benefit other … Read more

Subsequent financial analysis of the project “Supplementary training of teachers in introductory schooling” (ELI)

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Good classroom management can help meet the demands in recent years of inclusion and increased professionalism in the Danish primary and lower secondary school. The focus of the international research literature has been on the positive effects of classroom management, … Read more

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