Labour market attachment in the Nordic countries

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This is an executive summary from the report “Labour market attachment in the Nordic countries”, which is the first of a series of research reports in a project examining how to increase labour market participation among vulnerable groups (young people, seniors, immigrants, and disabled people) in the Nordic countries. In this preview we briefly summarize the main findings of our research. Some of the results are:

  • No country outshines all the others regarding labour market attachment among the vulnerable groups, which highlights the fact that cross-country learning and collaboration can be fruitful in the future.
  • Increase in employment by 700.000 individuals if all countries had the same employment rate as the best country.
  • The labour force participation rate in the Nordic countries have increased by two percentage points in the last ten years.
  • The share of young people neither in employment nor education in the Nordic countries has remained more or less unchanged between 2010 and 2020.

The project is commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers and is carried out in collaboration with VIVE -  The Danish Center for Social Science Research. The final report is expected to be published in early 2023.

HBS Economics (2022): "Labour market attachment in the Nordic countries"