Companies’ need for digital skills
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This report identifies companies’ demand for digital skills. The survey was conducted for the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, and the Ministry for Children, Education and Gender Equality. Main results The … Read more

Survey of exports of used electronics
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In Denmark, as well as abroad, exports of used electronics are recorded in the national statistics in line with exports of new electronics. The statistics do not initially distinguish between used and new products. This project investigates whether it is … Read more

Analysis of labour demand using job postings
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This pilot project highlights the demand for labour in the two case areas, the IT and telecommunications; and the iron, metal and auto sectors. In addition, it is an important objective to gather experience using job posting data as a … Read more

Targeted recruitment survey using job postings
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This pilot project explores the possibilities of using text analysis of job postings in order to do a more targeted and more informative recruitment survey. The project has been prepared for the Danish Agency of Labour Market and Recruitment. The … Read more

Analysis of the cost-effectiveness of Caring in Chaos
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ADHD has significant negative consequences for the individuals affected as well as their families. However, training parents to understand and manage ADHD has been shown to reduce the negative effects. However, ongoing parental education is associated with significant costs. One … Read more

Subsequent financial analysis of the project “Supplementary training of teachers in introductory schooling” (ELI)
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Good classroom management can help meet the demands in recent years of inclusion and increased professionalism in the Danish primary and lower secondary school. The focus of the international research literature has been on the positive effects of classroom management, … Read more

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