Mismatch in the Danish labor market for IT graduates in 2030

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The job market for IT graduates is today characterized by a shortage of labor. This shortage is projected to increase during the next years. HBS Economics has together with IRIS group conducted an analysis on the demand and supply of IT graduates, which shows that there will be a surplus demand of about 22,000 IT graduates in 2030. The analysis further shows that this surplus demand is present for all types of IT graduates.

  • For persons with a short higher IT education a surplus demand of 7,000 persons in 2030 is projected. This is caused by an increase in demand of roughly 20 percent and a slight decrease in supply.
  • For persons with medium-term higher IT education the analysis shows a surplus demand of both IT specialists (e.g., engineers within electronics and IT) and persons with an interdisciplinary IT education (e.g., web development). Surplus demand of IT specialists in 2030 will be roughly 6,100 persons, whereas it is projected to be around 2,800 for persons with an interdisciplinary IT education.
  • For persons with a long higher IT education the analysis projects a surplus demand of 2,600 IT specialists (e.g., computer scientists and civil engineers within electronics and software). Whereas for IT graduates with an interdisciplinary education (e.g., business economics and information technology) the surplus demand in 2030 will be approximately 3,800 persons.


The study is commissioned by Danske Gymnasier and IDA.

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HBS Economics (2021): "Mismatch på arbejdsmarkedet for IT-uddannede i 2030"