Evaluation of Flexuddannelsen

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During the period 2017-2021, Glad Fonden (a Danish social enterprise) has developed and tested a new education where young people with cognitive disabilities acquire vocational skills, become more independent and obtain a closer attachment to the labour market. In Danish, the education is called Flexuddannelsen.

Although people with cognitive disabilities are expected to be part of the workforce, there are no educations in Denmark today that are specifically targeted at people with cognitive disabilities. Flexuddannelsen is an attempt to fill this gap.

HBS Economics has evaluated Flexuddannelsen, and some of the results of our evaluation are:

  • The students in the Flexuddannelse have a low degree of absence and a low drop-out rate, compared to students in other youth educations.
  • Students in the Flexuddannelse have almost doubled their probability of being employed, compared to the control group.
  • Companies and municipalities that have participated in the project are satisfied with the education and think it should be made part of the official educational system in Denmark.
  • Flexuddannelsen is expected to have a positive socioeconomic impact, mainly because the students increases their labour market attachment and decreases their dependency on public transfer.

The evaluation is commissioned by Glad Fonden.

Learn more about the evaluation

HBS Economics (2022): "Evaluering af Flexuddannelsen"