Tendencies, Challenges, and Opportunities facing the Danish Maritime Industry

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HBS Economics has provided a case analysis for the industry associations of Danish Maritime (Danske Maritime), Danish Steelworker Union (Dansk Metal) and Danish Shipping (Danske Rederier), representing employers and employees in the Danish Maritime Industry (Det Blå Danmark). Our analysis constituted the foundation for a political debate at a conference held at the Danish Parliament with the participation of the Minister of Trade and Industry, representatives from the relevant industry associations and businesses in the maritime industry.

In conclusion, our analysis revealed the overall maritime industry being heavily challenged by the Covid-19 pandemic and the maintenance and production shutdowns. Despite these challenges, there is a rising optimism in the industry arising from the great business potentials of green transitioning and digitalization. However, for these potentials to be realized, the maritime industry must have access to the labor and qualifications needed.

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HBS Economics (2021): "En caseanalyse af tendenser, udfordringer og muligheder i Det Blå Danmark"