Labor market status after completion of STU

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In Denmark, young people with special needs can complete a specialized education, the so-called Specially Organized Youth Education (in Danish, Særligt tilrettelagt Ungdomsuddannelse or just STU).

The purpose of the STU is to prepare young people for their adult lives and potentially to participate in further education and employment.

In this analysis, we follow those who have completed a STU and examine whether they have subsequently entered a job or education. We follow the STU student up to four years after they have graduated and for the period 2012-2018.

The main conclusion of the analysis is that very few young people with an STU subsequently get a job or start an education. Immediately after graduation, only 6% have a job or started a new education. And after 4 years, only about 25% have gotten a job or started an education. This picture has remained largely unchanged since 2012.

The study has been commissioned by the danish association Ligeværd.


HBS Economics (2020): "Arbejdsmarkedstilknytning efter STU-forløb".