Digital talents and how to attract them

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The job market for digital talent is increasingly characterized by a shortage of labor. Already today, companies and authorities experience challenges in attracting digital talents. The lack of digital talent is a barrier to digital transformation that risks to limit innovation and growth in Danish companies.

In this this study, we provide a factual and data-driven foundation for efforts to attract further digital talent to Denmark. The main findings of the study are:

  • Almost 168.000 digital talents are employed in Denmark (2019) divided between digital specialists (45 %) and digital integrators (55 %). The number of digital talents has increased by 12 % over the last three years and approximately 29 % are female. Digital specialists are highly specialized in IT, software development and computer engineering. They include profiles such as IT-managers, IT-developers, IT-administrators and IT-supporters. Digital integrators are a driving force in the digital transformation of traditional business areas. They include profiles such as digital business developers, digital engineers, digital designers, digital analysts and digital technicians.
  • In Denmark, 11 % of digital talents are from abroad and since 2011 the net inflow of digital talents has increased significantly. In the study, the most promising talent pools to attract from are identified. These are the US, particularly large university cities, India in particularly areas around Bangalore and Delhi and Beijing and Shanghai in China. And in Europe attractive talent pools for digital talent are London/Oxford, Paris, Stockholm and Berlin.
  • In general, digital talents are in many ways attracted the same work preferences as other talents. But opportunities to learn and develop your career stand out among digital talents. In consequence, there seems to be a high potential in building and developing tech eco-systems in Denmark to provide leading and highly specialized learning environments as well as good opportunities for career progression.

The study of digital talents and how to attract more talent to Denmark covers three main topics: 1) The digital talent mass in Denmark, 2) Digital talent pools abroad and 3) The Danish effort to attract and retain digital talent.

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Learn more about the study

HBS Economics (2020): "Digitale talenter og muligheder for at tiltrække mere talent til Danmark"

The study is commissioned by Digital Hub Denmark