Do Newspapers and Magazines Compete?

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This study maps the competition between newspapers and magazines in Denmark.

Newspapers and magazines can potentially compete for two different but closely related customer groups, namely readers and advertisers.

Main results

The main conclusion of the study is that there is no evidence of direct competition between newspapers and magazines for either readers or advertisers.


The report finds that the conditions for newspapers and magazines to compete for readers is present. However, the report points out that nationwide newspapers and magazines do not compete for readers, as readers do not perceive newspapers and magazines as substitutable. According to the study, there is also no evidence that newspaper supplements and magazines are competing for readers.


The study concludes that newspapers and magazines typically cover different needs of advertisers. There is a difference in which products are advertised in newspapers and magazines. Nationwide newspapers typically have several different advertisers within several different product types than magazines. The study indicates that there is no significant competition for advertisers between newspapers and magazines, as the advertising in newspapers and magazines typically complements rather than substitutes for each other. It may be an indication that advertisers are trying to reach consumers with the same product in several media at the same time.

The study is commissioned by the Danish Ministry of Culture.


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