The Danish digital visual industry

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The digital visual industry is an emerging core strength in Denmark. The industry employs around 5,000 people in Denmark. Film and TV are the largest segments and together account for just over half of the employment. In money terms, the digital visual industry contributes with an annual addition of value of DKK 3.7 billion directly to society.

The digital industry is characterised by growth through internationalisation. The industry has from 2014 to 2018 seen an increase in the share of revenue, mainly attributable to sales abroad. This shows that the industry has gained a steady foothold abroad. This is especially true for computer programming (including the development of computer games) and publishing of computer games, where the share of revenue derived from sales abroad is more than seven times that of computer programming and more than three times that of publishing of computer games. Sales of films, videos and television programmes for abroad have also been on the rise. This should be viewed in the light of the increasing interest there has been in ‘Nordic noir’ and Scandinavian-produced films and TV series in recent years.

The global market for digital content within film, games, television and XR is growing rapidly. The digital visual industry has gained a solid foothold in the global markets in recent years, and there is significant business potential in gaining further ground. In order to illustrate, there is a business potential of an estimated 1,800 new jobs and an increased revenue of DKK 2.8 billion, if Denmark’s digital industry follows the trend in global demand.

The study is commissioned by Vision Denmark.


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