Nicoline is an economist with a strong analytical sense and an eye for detail. She has a MSc in Economics with specialisation in microeconomics and quantitative analysis. Nicoline has extensive knowledge of register data and experience with socio-economic analyses in transport, climate and the economics of the labour market and education. In addition, Nicoline has experience with designing and conducting economic experiments.

Nicoline is passionate about working with large datasets, and it is important for her that the results are communicated in a clear and understandable way so that they can create value for the client and be understood by people without a background in economics. Nicoline has tremendous drive and takes pride in providing high quality work.

Nicoline has previously worked as a student at the Secretariat of the Danish Council on Climate Change, where she was involved in projections and sensitivity analyses, and gained in-depth knowledge of the financial issues related to Denmark’s transition to a low-carbon society.

Phone: +45 42342342