Natalie is an analytically strong political science master’s student with a passion for developing and securing the future of the public sector. As a political scientist, Natalie has an in-depth knowledge of the public welfare areas. Her insight into the public sector is not only theoretical but also practical, as she has been working with planning of the Danish health services in her previous student position at the National Health Authorities. This has given her a deep insight into the public sector, as well its strengths and potential for improvement.

The study’s methodology as well as continuous focus on methodology has given Natalie experience with carrying out analyzes from narrowing down the problem statement to method selection and execution of interviews, focus groups and surveys, as well as the interpretation of output and results. Natalie also has extensive experience with disseminating and interpreting analysis results in a sharp and easy-to-understand language so that both professionals and laymen can benefit from the conclusions.


Phone: +45 81816262